Never Be That Guy: 4 Trolling Motor Battery Protection Tips


A trolling motor unit is really a personal-included system which includes a power motor, propeller, and handles, and is connected for an angler’s motorboat. The Trolling Motor Battery is employed to launch the vessel slowly forward or even within a specific route, enabling the angler to species of fish in places which are short for any vessel furnished with a petrol motor, or stealthily method seafood.

Using this type of article, we’ll be speaking about many methods for securely employing a Trolling Motor Battery. By merely adhering to the following tips, it is easy to extend the life-span of your Lithium Trolling Motor Battery and prevent any feasible incidents.

A number of Techniques for Using a Trolling Motor Battery Safely

1.Keep your battery clean and dried up.

This particular 1 appears to be a no-brainer, but it’s worthy of referring to because it’s these sorts of a crucial part of battery pack upkeep. When your electric electric battery is kept clean and dehydrated out, it might stay longer and execute increased. To completely clean your electric battery pack, generally wash it down employing a moist fabric. Try and get free of any oxidation from the terminals also.

2.Don’t overcharge your battery pack package.

When you’re determined with your trolling engine model for the entire day, be sure to disconnect battery out of your charger the moment it reaches total payment. Overcharging your electrical electric battery is able to reduce its daily life-efforts and injury the tissue.

3.Don’t relieve your battery power abnormal.

Likewise to overcharging, discharging your battery a lot of might also reduce its lifespan and problems the mobile substance. Avoid exercising your trolling engine in excess of 8 time at any moment without re-charging you the battery.

4.Retailer your power supply successfully when not becoming used.

When you’re not utilizing your trolling electric motor, it’s important to store the battery effectively to boost its life-period. Provided you can, keep the battery pack load in the great and free of dampness location far from sunshine. You might also be considering disconnecting the terminals to prevent deterioration.


Succeeding these simple concepts will assist develop the lifespan from the trolling motor electrical power packs and prevent any mishaps from occurring. Are you currently experiencing almost every other tips? Tell us within the remarks underneath!