Feel the Floral Freshness of Dua Lipa Perfume


Perhaps you have went out seeking a trademark fragrance? Something which will transform heads and leave a long lasting perception? Look no further than Dua Lipa’s perfume series. The British singer-songwriter has collaborated with luxury brand name, Yves Saint Laurent, to generate an ideal aroma. Let us explore why the dua lipa perfume is what you require for your next evening out.

The Ideal Combination of Fragrances

Dua lipa perfume is a exclusive mix of flowered and musky smells. It opens up with leading remarks of blackberry, pear, and lemon—giving it an invigorating kick. At its center is placed a bouquet of jasmine, gardenia petals, and peony—the excellent equilibrium of female florals that are certain to bring interest from anybody in your locality. Mainly because it dries out downward, bottom notices of sandalwood and vanilla produce a calming ambiance and degree that lingers on the skin for hours soon after application.

A Reflection of Dua Lipa’s Design

The packaging to the Dua lipa perfume is as exquisite as the scent. The cup bottle has been designed in the design of any audio container and has an sophisticated rare metal cover reminiscent of vintage jewelry cases through the 1800s. This style reflects Dua Lipa’s adoration for fashion from decades earlier yet still be present day enough to put in virtually any contemporary home—or ladies handbag! The box also characteristics one of her most iconic words printed in bold font—“Don’t play it safe tonight!” It works as a memory to consider threats and live life to the fullest—just like Dua does each day!

Good Quality at an Affordable Price

The best part relating to this exclusive scent is it won’t bust your budget. You may get hold of the 50 ml jar for just $95 USD or purchase a small 30 ml bottle for just $70 USD. Equally dimensions include their particular positive aspects if you don’t wish to commit nevertheless, pick the more compact dimension but when you know you need far more then just waste money about the larger dimension! Either way, you won’t be frustrated when you get hold of this luxurious fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent by Dua Lipa!

Whether or not you are interested in a signature aroma or just want something new to increase your scent collection, consider testing out Dua lipa perfume. Its excellent mixture of fairly sweet florals with hot musk makes certain that everybody around it will be possible to find ideas of its mesmerizing aroma through your particular date. As well as, with such competitive prices and beautiful packaging, this aroma could turn out to be your go-to option when selecting your personal fragrance!