Dr Francene Gayle: Tips For Becoming A Family Medicine Specialist


A family medicine specialist is a type of doctor who has completed all of the necessary medical training to provide primary care services to patients of all ages. A family medicine specialist can handle most medical issues that you may have including common illnesses, as well as minor injuries. Here are some easy tips from Dr Francene Gayle for becoming a family medicine specialist like her.

The First Step To Become A Family Doctor Is To Attend College

Medical school generally requires you to have an undergraduate degree, and you can do this at any number of schools, including community colleges and universities. If you want to get started right away with earning your bachelor’s degree online or at night, there are many options available to get thorough medical studies to become a family doctor Dr Francene Gayle as well.

To earn an undergraduate degree in general studies for medicine, it usually takes between four and six years, depending on how quickly you want to finish the medical program, as some medical students will take longer than others.

You Need To Apply To The Best Medical School

After you earn your bachelor’s degree, you will need to apply to the best medical school for you. The application process to enter medical schools is highly competitive, so you must do everything possible to improve your chances of getting into a good medical program.

Be Ready To Begin Your Residency Training Program

Once you have received your medical degree, you’ll be ready to begin your residency training program to become a family doctor. Residency is an important step in becoming a family medicine specialist because it allows you to gain valuable experience in this field and also prepares you for the certification exams.

You Should Pass The Medical Board Exam

Once you have completed your residency training program, the next step toward becoming a family medicine specialist is passing the medical board exam. The governing medical board will require that you pass their certification exam before practicing independently. Once you have passed, you are finally a licensed family medicine practitioner!