Doctor D.J. Bettencourt is in charge of listening to and gathering the needs of the citizens


For a legislator, the good desire to help the country must have a professional base that can make dreams come true. For example, a law expert will be able to enforce the laws in the best way.
The ego is one of the worst enemies of a politician. DJ Bettencourt knows when to make a mistake and when to apologize. As a politician, he can learn from his failures and do better in the future. The leader’s characteristic is one of the most important. Leadership ability allows him to positively influence the people around him with his ideals and actions.
As a legislator, doctor D.J. Bettencourt is in charge of listening and gathering the citizens’ needs, taking them to the center of public life, where decisions must be made in favor of the community. Dr. Bettencourt has become an amplifier of the people’s voice.

He defends social rights

One of the main functions of doctor DJ Bettencourt is to defend social rights, seek and propose solutions to the problems afflicting his field of action, manage resources to improve the city and report in writing to the plenary session of the Chamber of deputies. He is also responsible for attending all the ordinary and extraordinary sessions, having a special commitment and attention to the commissions he belongs to.
This famous legislator is important since he is a counterweight to the executive branch. He regulates, slows down, and oversees that public policies are correctly implemented and otherwise must impose sanctions. He makes, proposes, and approves laws that allow you to live in harmony
He reviews modifies, reorients, and approves the budget of the State Government. He monitors and sanctions deviations in the government’s public spending and the local Congress through the Surveillance Commission.

A very flexible professional

Doctor D.J. Bettencourt supports citizens or sectors of society to channel and solve their problems. He is a flexible professional; we live in a time when everything changes, modernizes, and gradually joins the digital age.
Now, citizens are looking for versatile people who easily adapt to changes, are willing to face challenges, and are not afraid to accept any type of mobility, both national and international.