Best Advice From Mark Mariani Armonk On Adding A Room To Your House


If you’ve been thinking about adding a room or two to your house but don’t know where to start, we can help. Even though adding an addition is a big job that can be overwhelming, it is also an exciting way to give your home more options, like more bedrooms for your growing family or a new office space for your growing small business. You should know the following about home additions:

Think About The Style Of Your Home And Neighborhood

As you contemplate adding a new addition to your home, keep the style of your home and neighborhood in mind. If your neighborhood is densely packed with ranch-style homes, an extension that resembles an old-fashioned barn may be inappropriate. Similarly, if most houses are Victorian or Craftsman in style and yours is Colonial Revival or Tudor Revival, adding another architectural element may be appropriate.

According to experienced home designer and landscaper Mark Mariani Armonk, deciding on a major renovation project is decided by what works best with what is already there—and what distinguishes your home from its neighbors. At the same time, attempting to stand out from the crowd may backfire because it may appear strange or even ugly in contrast to traditional styles.

Get An Estimate, And Know What’s Included Before You Sign A Contract

To avoid employing the wrong person to work on your house, always get at least two estimates. Understanding both what is and is not included in the price is crucial. To avoid overpaying for the project or waiting longer than anticipated for it to be finished, a good contractor will also be able to give you an accurate timetable for completion.

Consider Zoning Restrictions When Planning For Additions

Mark Mariani Armonk You will need to check with your city or county to see if there are any restrictions on adding an addition to your home. Some municipalities may have rules about how far the addition can be from the property line, or they might require that certain areas be left open and free of structures.

If you want to build an addition, make sure that it’s in line with local building codes. Most municipalities have regulations regarding height limits and maximum square footage for additions, so make sure yours will be permitted before proceeding with construction plans.